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Our point of view on the solar energy market

Our solar collector systems are the products of the leading solar energy company SONNENKRAFT. Sonnenkraft has a significant position at all the major solar markets. Market leader in Austria and Italy and it is in top position in Germany. Their success is guaranteed by the highest quality of their products.

Our partners in the solar industry

With the growing demand of high quality solar collector systems Acrux company associated with Soltec have signed a contract with Sonnenkraft to deliver the newest and top quality solar energy products for the consumers.

Our solar collector systems

Sonnenkraft has developed complete solar collector systems for the highest efficiency. The heat-exchanger and the solar pump module compose a standard unit placed on the storage tank like the control and fresh water modules. All these units have been improved for the appropriate system solution guaranteed the highest efficiency and the perfect form. The plumbing of the solar collector system is much easier than at the other solar collector solution because of the standard compact form and the plug and flow technique. These inventions result less failure sources and aesthetic appearance, as well.

Our solar collector systems are offered in complete sets, which prices are always lower than the sum of the individual components prices.

Our solar collector products are classified due to the use, as follows:

We are waiting for the submission of our future partners for furhter cooperation!

Solar Collectors

Several types of solar collectors exist according to the different methods collecting the solar energy from incident radiation. The most popular collector types are the flat plat collector and the evacuated-tube collector. The heart of the solar collector is the absorber area, which is generally consisted of a few parallel metal strips. There are different surface treatment techniques, which can improve the efficiency through the absorption factor. Absorbers are usually black, as dark surfaces demonstrate a particularly high degree of light absorption. The level of absorption indicates the amount of short-wave solar radiation being absorbed that means not being reflected. As the absorber warms up to a temperature higher than the ambient temperature, it gives off a great part of the accumulated solar energy in form of long-wave heat rays. The ratio of absorbed energy to emitted heat is indicated by the degree of emission. In order to reduce energy loss through heat emission, the most efficient absorbers have a selective surface coating. This coating enables the conversion of a high proportion of the solar radiation into heat, simultaneously reducing the emission of heat. The usual coatings provide a degree of absorption of over 90%. Solar paints which can be mechanically applied to the absorbers are less or not at all selective, as they have a high level of emission. Galvanically applied selective coatings include black chrome, black nickel, and aluminum oxide with nickel. Relatively new is a titanium-nitride-oxide layer, which is applied via steam in a vacuum process. This type of coating stands out not only because of its quite low emission rates, but also because its production is emission-free and energy-efficient.

Flat plate solar collector

Solar collector on roof

The flat plate solar collectors are composed by these parallel metal absorbers, the connected copper pipes on the back of the absorber strips, the covering transparent glass, the insulator and the coating. There are two types of flat plat solar collectors depending on the medium between the covering glass and the absorber. The simpler one is fulfilled by air which has significant thermal lost as a result of convective heat transfer. This thermal lost energy can be reduced by evacuating the air from the collector frame. This type of solar collector is called flat plate vacuum collector and it is a widely used collector in commercial. Here, the insulator is the vacuum which has better insulation properties than any other conventional insulators.

Further information about our flat plate collector products are available here.

Evacuated-tube solar collector

The other extensively spread collector type is the evacuated-tube collector which is a more complex, more expensive device than the flat plate collector. In this case the absorber is applied into a evacuated glass tube wherefrom during the manufacturing process the air will be evacuated. The evacuated-tube collector is composed of these evacuated glass tubes generally from 15 to 30 tubes stand in one collector. In the evacuated-tube collector the insulation is also vacuum which results a better performance than the air insulated flat plate collector. The round shape of the evacuated-tubes makes the collector more effective because of the greater absorber area and the wider range of the angle of incidence. The vacuum tubes are made from special glass because of the inlet high pressure and the environmental impacts like hail and storm. The heat transfer fluid flows directly in the absorber and it can reach the 300C degree. The tubes are connected serially and we can distinguish two construction types according to the pipe connections. In the first one the heat transfer fluid flows in and out to the tubes directly so the whole collector is a closed loop. In the second one all the tubes are separated, closed structure and there is own heat transfer medium in all the evacuated tubes, which transfers the collected heat energy through a heat-exchanger at the end of the tube. This construction has the advantage of easy maintenance because in case of any damage on the tube it is possible to replace the broken tube without emptying the whole collector and there is no additional leaking in the solar system.

Further information about our evacuated collector products are available here.

Heat Pipe compact solar collector for domestic hot water preparation

This type of solar collectors was improved specially for domestic hot water preparation. Because of its unique structure the collector is highly efficient in the hot water preparation, which results a short payback period!

Further information about our Heat Pipe compact solar collector product are available here.

Current DISCOUNTS - Solar collector discounts

Sonnenkraft Compact 300 solar collector set for domestic hot water preparation!

Sonnenkraft Solar collector discount


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